Homeschooling in Poquoson

Resources for the other Poquoson school.


Welcome to the newest Poquoson "school" website. My name is Wendy, and I'm a brand new homeschooler. I'm also a programmer by trade and an avid web researcher for whatever topic I currently have need of. However, as much as I searched, I could not seem to find several of the things I was looking for in the local area - like play groups for my kids or local standardized test proctors and the like. 

So I asked the kind webmaster of if he would be willing to host this site and here we go.

If you live in Poquoson and you homeschool, or you are even considering homeschooling, this is YOUR site. I have seeded it with what information I have (and have had the time to put in), but in order for this site to work, it must be an exchange of infomation. I will compile it all and put it up here, but I'll need your help to keep it current.

So please explore what I have and then email me with suggestions or critiques, content or ideas. I have a day job as well, but I'll try to keep the content as current as I can. I should be able to do minor content updates almost daily as needed.

Thank you!